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Learn more about Rental Property Tracker Plus and find out about its features and benefits.

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Accounting software for the rest of us

Keeping track of your rental income and expenses doesn’t have to be difficult or time consuming when you use the right software. If you are trying to do this with pencil and paper or a spreadsheet you may think you are saving money, but the extra time and potential for errors makes this questionable. 

There are many types of software available. You can pay a monthly fee for online software or buy one that does not require an Internet connection for a one time charge. Some rental property software companies even provide you with updates and customer support for no extra charge.

By using rental property management software you will be able to produce receipts and notices with just a few clicks of your mouse and to record all your expenses – categorized and ready to give to your accountant – easily and effortlessly. 

Beware of using Quickbooks or other traditional accounting software which is designed for accountants and does not have the property management features you need. Features to look for are rent receipts, tenant notices, leases, income and expense reports, work orders, schedules, contact management and form letters

In my (not so humble) opinion, SpiritWorks Software offers the best rental management software for anyone who does not need multiple user capability. This free trial desktop software for Mac and Windows has all the features you need (plus some that are unique to our software) for a very reasonable price. Great technical support and updates are included for no additional charge. Please call or write for more information about our “accounting software for the rest of us”.

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Landlord Property Management Software

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Free trial software for Mac and Windows that resides securely on your desktop. A one time payment gets you unlimited units, great customer support and updates.

Welome to this website devoted exclusively to Rental Property Tracker Plus, an easy-to-use, long term residential property management program by SpiritWorks Software you can use to manage any number of units, tenants and owners.

Find out why Desktop software may be better for you than Web-based Software

You can try it free for ten days by using the form in the upper right of this page. You will find this to be the most complete tenant management desktop application (for both Mac and Windows) you can find at any price. Please take it for a test drive and see for yourself.

No payment or credit card information is needed for the FREE trial. Just fill out the form and we will email you a link to the download page and helpful tips about using the software.

If you live in the U.S. please provide your phone number so we can give you additional support during your trial period.

Your name, email address and phone number (which is optional) will NOT be given or sold to anyone else.

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Introduction to SpiritWorks Software

Make more money with our complete, affordable, award winning software. Here’s a short video our friend Jim shot of Garth talking about the complete line of productivity software available from SpiritWorks Software.

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